Claire Loiseau

Claire Loiseau is a researcher in Ecology. In 2007, she obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris, France. She spent four years at San Francisco State University, USA, and worked with researchers from different universities (UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Davis). She traveled few times to Cameroon, Republic of Congo and Central African Republic to perform fieldwork.

She came back to Europe and works now at the University of Porto, CIBIO (, in collaboration with the Center for Functional Ecological and Evolution, CNRS, in Montpellier, France (

She is particularly interested in understanding how anthropogenic pressures (i.e. deforestation and agricultural activity) influence bird communities and their parasites. For few years, she is developing her project in São Tomé Island to evaluate the impact of deforestation and palm oil plantations on host-parasite interactions.
She aims to be more and more involved in outreach programs and believes that environmental education is becoming essential to change mentalities and attitudes toward wildlife.